Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This Update Stinks!

Welp, school is over for good. I actually have been slowly picking away at this thing in earnest, but now is the time to resume full-speed. Here's a a few still shots of the things I've finished animating:

I don't want to spoil too much as I go along, but suffice to say these elements are now all fully animated.  You might be able to pick them out from the rough sketches in the animation test I posted last year; the Runaway Dog, for example, has only two frames of movement.  Orange Kid, Liar X. Agerate and Everdred have substantially more action involved.

Also, someone mentioned to me the absence of Saturn Valley in the animation test; never fear!  Although PK Flash depicts events from the game in rough chronological order and features as many characters as possible, I took many liberties and so some elements may not show up in exactly the way you remember them from the game.  Think of it as how an animated TV show would go about adapting the game.  Also, the test is only about a quarter of the way through the story- Still a long way to go!